Success! First day of Stay & Play with Outside the Box Homeschoolers

We had 9 children in attendance at today’s group at the Old Town Hall in Somerset with ages ranging from 5 to 13.  The kids enjoyed crafts like making bookmarks and postcards using a variety of things, like markers, colored pencils and paint.

They learned to play games like Forbidden Island which is a teamwork game, Stare! which is a game of visual memory and Munchkin which is a role-playing card game.  The kids also enjoyed other card games and building games.

Here is a great game review and tutorial by a boy named Hayden about Forbidden Island.  The kids REALLY enjoyed this game, and of course, I love it because it is a team-building game.

Stare! Junior was my oldest son’s favorite game when he was little.  It turns out that even at 13, he still finds it fun.  A bunch of the kids played this today for a long time and really seemed to enjoy it.  Here’s a review by Eric the Game Guy.

Munchkin is definitely a game for tweens/teens, and it’s one of my boys’ favorite games.  It is a role-playing game played with cards.  It is very silly and very funny.  This is one of my family’s favorite youtube shows, Tabletop, where Wil Wheaton plays Munchkin with some more of my favorite youtube stars, Felicia Day and Sandeep Parikh (best known for The Guild web series) join Steve Jackson (creator of the game).  Most. Epic. EVER!  If you have 30 minutes to watch this, you will get a very good sense of the Munchkin gameplay. (Warning! This video contains some questionable language – not for the kids to watch with you!)

Stop by next Tuesday from 12:30 to 2:30 for more fun and games!

The gang!