I’m Okay, You’re Okay

Today I read this article by Peggy Drexler on the Huffington Post about what {not} to do with your kids during a school vacation.  I tried not to be too freaked out by the article.  After all, I’ve just gotten all excited and confident about my “square peg” and we’ve left that uncomfortable “round hole” behind.

Of course, it’s exactly the kind of narrative from an authoritative voice that could have made me doubt myself and my convictions.  Basically, this psychologist’s opinion is that “we” (as a society) keep our kids too busy.  That they are not able to make their own fun.  The are not given the opportunity to be bored so they are overly demanding, spoiled and over-stimulated.


Meh.  Maybe there are the occasions that this may apply.  I (obviously) believe that keeping our kids involved in hands-on educational activities – even when they were public schooled kids who were home on break.  I strongly believe that they get a lot out of it, and so do we as parents.

I’m not saying that they don’t need down-time.  They do.  I’m not saying they don’t need a break from the media screens. They do.  But if you are spending quality time with your kids, whether homeschooled or public schooled, and you are active, having fun and learning together, how can this be a bad thing?

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money.  Some of our best family times have been spent on a hike during letterboxing outings, a trip to the library, or playing a tabletop game together.  And as my kids get bigger, I treasure those precious memories we made together where I learned more about who they are as people, and who I am as a mom, because we ventured out beyond the regular routines of our daily lives and did something special.

Plus, for my ASD kids, time outside the home is absolutely essential in order to teach them important life skills, like: how to plan an outing; how to make plans with friends; how to pack for a day trip; how to take advantage of coupons and discounts; how to read a map; how to read a train schedule; how to find something fun to do; how to consider other people’s interests; how to work in a group; how to travel safely and more!

So take that, Dr. Drexler!  This busy mom is going to embrace my kids, do our crazy thing, and enjoy every moment.  So, how about you?  Are we over-scheduling our kids to the point that they don’t know how to entertain themselves?  Leave your comments below.  It’s ok.  I can take it!