I have always been a fan of the Highlights magazine. When I was a kid, my mom always gave my sister and I a subscription to it. Every month we would get a new magazine. It was always great as a kid to receive mail in my name. So of course I give my son a subscription to the magazine as well. He loves it, just as much as I did. I actually still love it because I get to read it with him every month.

It  has stories, games, puzzles, experiments, crafts and even artwork and stories from kids. One of my favorite sections was, and still is, the craft section. My son isn’t the biggest crafter *sigh* but he loves when I make the crafts from the magazine, and he does even end up helping me a bit, which I love.

Not only do they have basic artsy-craftsy kinds of things, but they also have great ideas for homemade games.
A couple of months ago they had a car game, made out of posterboard. Well instead of posterboard (which I don’t usually have on hand) I used fabric (which I always do have on hand).


My son ended up helping out and putting all the objects in the places he wanted, which is great because I think crafting is such a great creativity and imagination booster. And the game is actually super fun to play. I generally take the idea in the magazine and tweak it a little.

This month they had a game about piggies, which my son couldn’t wait to play. I made it, tweaked it a bit, and he loves it. Instead of pom-poms I actually knitted the pigs, It was so fun to make. I get to craft, he gets to play, It’s a win-win.


And the cool thing about Highlights magazine is that most libraries actually have subscriptions to it, so you don’t even need to buy it to read it!


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