Idea Sharing

Not every homeschooler is alike; in fact they are all very different. But one thing that rings true to all homeschoolers is that we tailor learning to our children and work with our children’s interests in mind. Because of that, much of our kid’s learning is fun to them.

One thing that is fun in my house, and I’m sure in many others, is using the computer. Even though the computer is a fantastic learning tool, most parents want to limit screen time. Many homeschoolers take what they learn online and apply it into their lives offline.

I have even taken ideas from online games that my son enjoys and turned them into tangible games.

There was a game that my son enjoyed, called what’s in the bag.

Clues are given in order for a child to click on the correct answer, in order to find out what is in the bag. Now I can’t stick an actual cat or house in a bag, but I did recreate this online game with paper.

w i t b

I even did a bilingual version.

p w i t b

Transforming it into an actual offline game reduced his screen time, gave me time to spend with him and also gave me a little craft time (which I really enjoy). Seeing as there is no one way to homeschool, we get our ideas wherever we can. I’d like to highlight some of the ideas I’ve come across that have worked for me.