New faces, New games

Today we had some new families join us for our Stay & Play at the Old Town Hall.  Everyone seemed to be making new friends and having a ball.  With the tweenage group, I played Dixit and Small World.  Dixit is that neat French storytelling game that has quickly become on of my family’s favorite games.  Small World is a role-playing world domination fantasy game by Days of Wonder, the geniuses behind Ticket to Ride and Memoir 44, complete with elves, orcs, halflings and other magical creatures.

Small World has a unique game play that keeps the game interesting and fun.  You conquer new territory on each turn, and when you run out of characters use, you retire that class and start a new one.

Here is a great review by one of my favorite youtubers, Hayden.

Hope to see everyone again next week for more fun and games.