The Gillies Gazette: 1st Edition

The grand Gillies kids put together this spectacular newspaper.  Such fantastic teamwork, storytelling and design skills all put together to publish this 1st edition paper.  Check it out, and don’t forget to tell them (in the comments) how amazing and fabulous they are!

See the FULL COLOR version HERE!

The Gillies Gazette: 1st Edition————————————-

February 1, 2013
The Gorillas are going to the TOP!
The Gillies Gorillas had won the Atlantic Sharks. The score was 63 to70 Gorillas. The game was fierce. The two teams were almost neck and neck. The Gorillas big play was at the end with only 20 seconds left in the game at the 20 yard line. The score was at the time 63to63. The Gorillas plan was to do a Deep Pass. They did it as planned except that the all of the Sharks were blocking all of the people who were deep. To make matters worse they were blitzing the Quarterback! The only person that was open was John Gillies (#52). He was very, very, very, very DEEP! So the QB threw the ball very DEEP. Unbelievably John Gillies (#52) caught the ball in the end zone. Every fan watching at home or in the stadium yelled, “TOUCHDOWN!!!!!” After that the Gorillas got the Extra Point. We had interviewed John and this is what he said “All I can say is this. Destiny made me get the Touchdown and that’s what’s getting us to the Super Bowl.” The Super Bowl will be our next big thing we report in SPORTS.
BY: Quinn Gillies

Monkey FUN!!!!!

Monkeys live in the Rain Forest. The Monkeys home is full of life. The Cotton Top Tamarind eats fruit and bugs. Every Monkey has an alarm call to warn their children. Did you know that the Proboscis Monkey has four stomachs? They have four stomachs because it is hard to digest the food that they eat. Some monkeys have long tails to not get hurt from falling. They use their tail like a hand so they can hang onto branches. The master at this is the Spider Monkey. The Proboscis Monkey has webbed feet to help them swim fast so they can outswim a caiman. Monkeys love bananas. They also like to play. Did you know that baby male monkeys like to wrestle? Humans like to monkey around like monkeys some times. Let’s all monkey around some day!
By: Cole Gillies

The Museum of Science
Come on down to the Museum of Science and see our new exhibit called the Design Zone. It’s opening on February 10th 2013. The indoor playground is always fun. I like the computer fish station where you can command digital fish to do what the buttons say. Get ready to learn and have FUN!!!!
By: Quinn Gillies


Get Your Fill at Somerset Grill
Go to the Somerset Grill and enjoy breakfast,lunch and seafood. I love the Bubba Wubba, Cluckers and I also like the buttermilk pancakes, french toast, sweetbread french toast and their scrambled eggs are delicious.
By: Meghan Gillies


Geronimo Stilton
Have you ever heard of the book Geronimo Stilton? It’s a hit book series. But now there are new books about Geronimo’s ancient ancestor Geronimo Stiltonoot. These stories are like the modern life but in cave man times. These books are awesome. I hope you can get one.
By: Quinn Gillies

The Great Library
At the Dighton Public Library there are lots of books. There’s Lego club for homeschoolers. Miss Lorie’s a nice children’s librarian. She helps people find books. It’s fun to see Miss Lorie on Tuesday movie nights. Miss Britt checks out the books and she has a good sense of humor. One of the best parts of the Dighton Public Library is they have a jar of candy and they have you guess how much candy is in the jar. I haven’t won yet but I’m going to keep on guessing.
I began to love to read Geronimo Stilton books after listening to books 1-3 of Geronimo Stilton audio books. Come one come all and get your books at the Dighton Library!
By: Meghan Gillies

Meet the Staff of the Gillies Gazette
Quinn Gillies, Editor in Chief and Founder:
What made you think about writing a newspaper? “One of my worksheets had me look at ads and I thought about making a newspaper.”
How did you come up with the name? “Because we go to Gillies Academy (we named our homeschool).” It made it obvious to name the newspaper the Gillies Gazette.
What inspired you to become the Editor in Chief? “I like to write and I’ve always enjoyed writing stories.”
Who is your favoire writer? “Geronimo Stilton- the author not the character.”
Are your newspaper articles fact or fiction? “A little bit of both.”
Do you enjoy homeschooling and why? “Yes because its fun to learn and you learn in different ways.”
Cole Gillies, contributing writer and co-editor:
Why do you like being part of the Gillies Gazette? “Because its fun and its part of homeschooling and I like homeschooling.”
Why do you like homeschooling? “Because its fun and you get to learn.”
What do you get to

learn about? “I get to learn about a lot of things and the Gillies Gazette
helps me practice my typing and spelling skills.”
Meghan Gillies, contributing writer and advertising contributor:
Why do you like being part of the Gillies Gazette? “Because it is very fun.”
Why do you like making advertisements? “It’s fun to write an ad for place that I like to go.”
Why do you like homeschooling? “I like homeschooling because it is very fun and I like to learn. It is also very fun because we get to go on fieldtrips more often.”
What kinds of fieldtrips do you get to go on? “Trips to the Science Museum, The Providence Children’s Museum, trips to the Rhode Island State Ballet. One of my favorite field trips was to go to Quakertown Pennsylvania to visit the local science center, Philadelphia where I saw the portait gallery, and Washington D.C. where my favorite museum was the Art Museum.”

Interview by Allie Gillies


Risk – The Game of Global Domination
Risk is a game of strategy. I like to play Risk because its fun. Each person their own soldiers by color. Some soldiers defend their territories and some soldiers attack the other players territories. To make an attack you have to roll dice and the person who is defending rolls red dice and the person attacking rolls black dice. I like the Risk game and I hope you can get it too.
By: Cole Gillies

Thank you for reading the Gillies Gazette!
Quinn, Meghan & Cole Gillies