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Last night, we attended the Somerset Public Library’s teen event, “Duck Tape Crafts.”  Although Luke, my 11 year old, was not initially excited, I have to take that with a grain of salt.  Why?  Because he’s 11, and nothing much short of inane Youtube videos and the latest video game excite him as of late.  I did sweeten the pot by asking his BFF to join us.

Packed with Teens and Tweens
Trying not to have a good time

Nonetheless, the library was hopping with tweens and teens, both boys and girls.  Luke had a great time and even made a wallet.

Duck tape wallet
I have had a long enduring love affair with the library.  When I was a tween/teen, I would go there just for fun. Yes, I am a huge nerd, and I’ve learned to love that.  But at the time, the entertainment for me was picking up the suggested reading list, picking a book at random and finding a cozy corner to nerd-out in.  I love that our library is taking it a step further by creating programming that appeals to all ages.

Somerset’s library has really made an effort this year to create fun events that appeal to young people, and they’ve done an amazing job.  In November, they held a stop-motion animation class that the kids really loved.

Stop motion animation class
Stop motion animation class

Coming soon, there will be a comic book artist talk and Scratch animation class, as well as a Minute to Win It night.

These activities along with the family story time, toddler time, school vacation programs and the like make the library one of the best resources for hands-on fun and socialization.  Not to mention the museum pass program that will get you into area museums with your family at free and reduced ticket prices, the ability to rent media on the cheap, and of course, borrow books.  Your child can even enjoy books at home with their Tumblebooks program.

For adults, they have also recently added *free* online classes, health/wellness resources, foreign language, sign language, and more.

If you are looking for a great resource for activities, try your local library.  Do you have a favorite resource in the community?  Tell us about it in the comments!


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