Review: Time4Learning

When my younger son started homeschooling this year, I wanted to try an online web-based curriculum that he could be independent with.  We came upon Time4Learning, and he used it for about 3 months.


Let me preface this by saying that my son is not a typical learner.  When he started homeschooling this year, we found that he was about 3 years behind his peers in reading and comprehension.  He also has attention difficulties, and needs something he finds compelling to keep his attention.  He also tends toward rigidity and has difficulty getting started and transitioning.

Luke was most successful with their ELA curriculum. We tried the math, science and social studies, but they were not interactive enough and did not hold his attention.  We have been using Khan Academy and iTooch (iPad) software along with hands-on games for math practice.  For science, we use a lot of Youtube videos to find science experiments he is interested in and then try them out at home.  Pretty much the same for social studies along with a lot of outings and field trips to keep him engaged.


Is it a failure of the curriculum, or just my unique learner?  Probably a little of both.  But the problem is that the only price point they have is the $14/month for the whole kit and caboodle – no option to just buy the ELA.

Yes, Will, I’m afraid so.

Long story short, our brief love affair with Time4Learning is at an end, and we are on to unit studies and “Big Questions”!  Luke’s reading jumped 2 grade levels in the first few months of being home, so we must be doing something right!