How to Organize a Game Meet-up

We’ve been doing game night (a regular meet-up) at our house for many years now.  For a long time, we held them weekly.  Recently, we’ve gone to a monthly format – mostly because our oldest is running his own role-playing game weekly at our local library.  What we’ve found is that opening our home for game nights has been one of the greatest catalysts for improving the social skills in our children.  You can organize one for your homeschool community or for your family fairly easily with some simple components:


1. Games
2. Space
3. Snacks (optional)
4. Free advertising

The first thing you need is games.  We have all kinds of games now, but if you don’t have a lot of games, you can still organize a game meet-up!  Gather together the games you have.  Check your local thrift shop and yard sales for inexpensive board games.  Ask others to bring their favorite games to share.  Even if all you have is a deck of cards, there are dozens of tutorials on youtube that can show you how to play some great card games like crazy 8s, spoons and hearts.


The other basic thing you need is a space.  Your house is perfectly acceptable, but some people feel that they don’t have room to have a bunch of kids over.  If you have a local library, community center, recreation center or even a space in a local school, you can ask to use their space.  As long as you’re in a space that is open enough to be able to lay out games, it should be fine.  There are also game stores who might allow you to borrow their space.


These don’t have to be fancy.  We typically do pizza at our Friday game night, but again, you can ask everyone to bring a snack or a drink to share.  At our Tuesday homeschool get together we sometimes bring snacks and sometimes don’t.


What I mean by this is that you have to let people know you are having the game meet-up.  You can do this by word-of-mouth, Facebook postings and groups, flyers distributed to your local church or grocery store, homeschool Yahoo groups, online newspaper calendars and press releases to your local newspaper.  When you post an announcement, you can also ask your friends to share it with their circles.

And that is how you do it!  I hope you start lots of game meet-ups in your own home towns and communities!  Best of luck and let us know how yours goes!