Yesterday at our Stay & Playgroup, Ana brought some materials for a simple experiment.  The kids put baking soda into balloons, and then put some white vinegar in the bottom of a plastic bottle.  They then attached the balloon to the opening of the bottle, dumped the baking soda into the bottle and watched the chemical reaction fill the balloons with carbon dioxide.


All the kids really enjoyed this activity and wanted to do it over and over again.  It’s amazing how much fostering curiosity in the kids helps them ask questions, make predictions and discuss observations.

Have a suggestion for an experiment we should try?  Leave us a message in the comments!



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  • roylcoblog

    Hi! I’ve got a suggestion for you! We make a special brain mold out of gelatin and have used it on many occasions for any Human Body-themed workshops to demonstrate the parts of the brain. One fascinating thing that our workshop leader discovered was how to color the gelatin. She stuck a pipette inside one area of the gelatin brain and squeezed a bunch of liquid watercolor into it. Ask your students if they think the watercolor will simply leak out of the brain or if it will be suspended inside the gelatin. It’s a fun experiment to try–a bit messy!–but really rewarding 🙂