Gillies Gazette Volume 3

The Gillies Gazette

Volume 3: May 2013

Spring Acrostic Poems

Super fun for everyone                           Sunflowers

Pretty flowers everywhere                    Petunias

Rainy days become sunny                     Roses

It’s the season of Baseball                        Irises

No more cold days                                  Never hurt flowers

Great days to bike                                   Growing flowers

By: Quinn Gillies                      By: Meghan Gillies    


Spring is great

Pick flowers

Run around the bases                    

I love flowers

Notice the flowers when they bloom

Go outside to play

By: Cole Gillies

Giant Panda Fun

I read books about Giant Pandas and I learned a lot. Giant Pandas live in Western China and the mountains of Tibet on remote mountains and in bamboo forests. Giant Pandas eat honey, mushrooms and bamboo. A Giant Panda usually sits while they eat. Giant pandas eat with their front paws and large teeth. Giant Pandas open the bamboos hard outer shell and eat the soft inside. Bamboo is very important to Giant Pandas. Without bamboo Giant Pandas would not find enough food to eat. They would not survive. A Giant Panda eats for 16 hours a day and eats a total of 35 pounds of bamboo each day.

Giant Pandas are 2-3 feet tall at the shoulder when they walk on all four legs, weigh 250 pounds and are 5 feet in length- half the length of the Polar and Kodiak bears. They have a tail length of 6 inches. Giant Pandas have a few predators. They are leopards, jackals and wild dogs. People are the biggest threat to Giant Pandas because people cut down bamboo forests. Bamboo is a woody tree like grass with stiff stems. People can’t walk through bamboo forests because the bamboo forests are so thick. Giant Pandas can move through bamboo forests by wiggling and crawling. I really liked learning about Giant Pandas.

Fun Facts about Giant Pandas and Other Animals from China

  • Did you know that Giant Pandas like to do somersaults?
  • Did you know that when a Giant Panda is born they are pink with white fuzz and are the size of a stick of butter?
  • Did you know Chinese alligators don’t usually grow bigger than 5 feet?
  • Did you know that the Siberian Crane is one of the world’s rarest birds? Chinese artists love to paint cranes.
  • Did you know what animals are endangered species in China? Some of them are; China’s Siberian Tigers, Pizewalski’s Horse, Giant Pandas, Snow Leopards, Two humped Camels, Asiatic Elephants, Clouded Leopards and Spotted Leopards.
  • Did you know Red Pandas eat less bamboo than Giant Pandas?
  • Did you know that a Giant Pandas thumb is a giant wrist bone?
  • Did you know Red Pandas live in the same part of the world as Giant Pandas?
  • Did you know that I read the book “Panda Cam” by: Friends of the National Zoo about a nation watching Tai Shan the Panda Cub grow?

    Other Books I read about Pandas

  1. A Baby Panda is Born by: Kristen Otsby Illustrated by: Lucia Washburn
  2. Wildlife of China by: Lynn M. Stone Photography by: Lynn M. Stone & Keren Su
  3. Giant Pandas by: Sandra Lee Photography by: Ron Kimball, San Diego Zoo, George B. Schaller & Frank Todd

by: Meghan Gillies

J You Wouldn’t Want to Be series J

    In this series you can be all different types of people like a Civil War Soldier, a World War II Secret Agent, a Chicago Gangster, a Samurai, and many more. This kind of story is written so you are the person or a person in that time period. These books are Nonfiction (a book that’s Nonfiction is based on facts). In this series I learn how hard it would to be that person and how cool it would be to be that person sometimes.

    In the book, You Wouldn’t Want To Be on Apollo 13! you are a member of the crew of the Apollo 13 mission that went horribly wrong and learn how life in space is. Did you know that these Astronauts got home by going around the moon? The problem on board was an exploding oxygen tank. Did you know that the Astronauts never took a bath in space? All of these books in this series are awesome. I hope that you can get a book in this series too!

By: Quinn Gillies

Beaver Fun

    I read the book The Beaver’s Lodge Building With Leftovers by Adam Reingold. A beaver is a rodent. Beavers are the largest member of the rodent family in North America. Beavers live in North America and Eurasia. Beavers make their own home with two secret entrances. Their home is called a lodge. Beavers build their lodge in a pond. Beavers build dams too. Lodges and dams are made with sticks and mud. Beavers change their environment when they build a dam. A dam can change a river into a pond. Beavers create wetland habitats for many plants and animals.

  • Did you know that a beaver uses cans, tires and bottles to make their lodge and dam?
  • Did you know that beaver’s fur is very thick? The fur keeps the beaver warm and protects its body from sharp sticks?
  • Did you know there was such an animal as a leopard frog? The beaver helped make a habitat for the leopard frog.
  • Did you know that no other animal besides humans can change the environment like a beaver?

By: Cole Gillies

Battle of Lexington and Concord

On the day of April 18th 1775 the Red Coats start their march to Lexington and Concord looking for Sam Adams and John Hancock, and the militia ammunition and guns. During that time two riders Paul Revere and William Daubs were on their way to warn everyone that the Red Coats were coming. Paul Revere went by sea and William Daubs by land. The two riders met up in Lexington to warn Sam Adams and John Hancock. Late that night a third rider, Dr. Prescott, came to help Paul Revere and William Daubs. They road together till a few, British officers, walk up and stopped Paul Revere. William Daubs got away but never got to Concord. The only one who got Concord was Dr. Prescott, he was the person who warned the people of Concord that the British were coming. The next day April 19th Paul Revere saw the entire battle of Lexington on his way to get another horse there. He also had the duty to hide John Hancock’s papers. The Lexington militia fought this Battle, but sadly the militia lost to the mighty British with 8 dead and 10 wounded. At Concord the British burn the local Liberty Tree. The militia thinks they are burning the town of Concord. At the North Bridge the British see the militia. They try to tear down the bridge, but they were a little late. The militia chases the British back into the forest. The militia ambushes the Brits on their way back to Boston.

This year I went to see the reenactment rehearsal. When I was a baby I saw the real reenactment on my dad’s 30th birthday. I was 9 months old and my mom surprised my dad by waking us both up to go to the reenactment. My dad is born on April 19th– the actual day of the Battle of Lexington & Concord- that year Patriots day fell on my dad’s birthday! Patriots Day is now celebrated on the 3rd Monday of April. The reenactment I saw was the part in Lexington on the Lexington Green. They reenacted the battle three times. For the alarm they shot a cannon with a big boom. For the shot heard around the world they shot a cannon with a smaller boom. After the alarm two people ran across the green and into the marsh with the chest of John Hancock’s papers. One of the British officers came up and said “Disperse you damn rebels! Disperse I said return to your homes! Are you deaf return to your homes! Be gone! Damn you! Get them!” Some of the British soldiers tried to get to the militia, but the British officers stopped them. Then the officer said “On your head” (an expression that means that a person is going to get killed or hung). Then two prisoners of the British start to run away then there is the shot heard round the world, once the shot heard round the world was shot the British started to shoot at the militia. Then the militia starts to shoot back and run away.

Some of the times the reenactors did funny things during the second and third times during the rehearsal. They also made the first, second and third times always a little different. I wish I can go to the reenactment next year. If you can’t get up to Lexington to see the re-enactment on Patriot’s Day you can always go to and click on the “watch” tab and then click on “videos” and you can see the reenactment there.



Smart; playful


crazy as a bee.


Guest Poem by Jacob Palumbo (Quinn, Meghan & Cole’s cousin)


Gillies Joke Corner

  1. What type of tea is in a castle?
  2. What is a triangle crumb called?
  3. What did the tree say when George was in the jungle?
  4. What do you get when you cross a vampire and a zombie?
  5. What has a mouth and cannot swallow? What has a bed but cannot sleep? What kind of thing hates to be crossed?
  6. What do you get when you cross a piglet and a hippo?
  7. What has a curly tail is pink and has a trunk?
  8. What does a proboscis monkey say when he crashes into a tree?
  9. What did the flower say to the bee?

    Jokes by: Cole, Quinn, Meghan and Mommy Gillies

Gillies joke answer key: 1. Royalty, 2. A fulcrum, 3. Tree Tree Tree in the Jungle watch out for the George! , 4. “I want to suck your brains!” 5. A River! , 6. Piglapottomus, 7. A pretty pink pig in a parachute! , 8. Kerbonk! (instead of their actual sound Kerhonk!) 9. Be a dear and get me some honey.