Love love love our Library :-)

As much as we miss – Miss Lorie – from the Dighton public library we missed going to a library. So today we hit our first Library program at 1pm- BATS– a great presentation by :  . It was awesome. We got to meet the bats in person too and the kids got their pics taken with the bats too! An hour 1/2 FREE program. Followed up by some computer fun and book and CD checking out. Then at 4pm we went to the K-2 program- paint /decorate a pumpkin. Cole enjoyed it and we came home. 1pm-5pm at the Library and we loved every minute of it. Only bad part was Quinn was sick so he could not attend.

Tomorrow at 4pm grades 3-5 will get to decorate their pumpkins (so Quinn and Meghan can go) and then on Thursday Meghan and Quinn are enrolled in the grades 3-6 FREE Lego Robotics class which meets once monthly.

I am excited to be here and enjoying the Palatine, IL Public Library. 🙂