Field Trip: Mystic Aquarium


Marine mammals are fascinating creatures. We paid a visit to Connecticut’s Mystic Aquarium with friends to learn more about them.

Beluga Whales at Mystic Aquarium

One of my favorite exhibits there is the Beluga Whale exhibit. These creatures are beautiful and amazing. They all have such unique personalities, and they really seem to enjoy hamming it up for the humans on the other side of the glass.



We also had great fun with the penguins. These animals were really playful, and my kids could have stood there for hours trying to get them to nibble after their fingers.

Sea Lion show

The seals and sea lion show was really fun and informative, as they explained how to tell the difference between these two animals, and demonstrated how intelligent and trainable they were.

Inside the Titanic Exhibit
Titanic Exhibit Entrance

The Titanic exhibit was absolutely incredible. It has a ton of interactive activities, things to climb on, things to run across and lots and lots of information on the Titanic boat, passengers and facts about shipwrecks. You could easily spend a good part of your day in this exhibit.

We are fortunate in where we live in southeastern Massachusetts that both the Mystic Aquarium AND the New England Aquarium in Boston are viable trips to help learn more about animals who live in these watery habitats.


The only drawback is that for families on a budget, their memberships have little reciprocity, so it can be an expensive visit without a ton of bang for your buck. Membership is about one and a half times the cost of daily admission for a family of four, so it’s not terribly compelling if you don’t live in close proximity.

Money Saving Ideas

1. Organize it as a field trip with at least one or two other families (10 people or more) it cuts the price in half.
2. Check your local New England library for museum passes that give you $5 off admission.
3. Look through this page for discounts for Military, AARP and other promotions.