Our Family’s Favorite Games

We love games. For years we had a weekly “Game night” at our house for the kids. Later, we had a weekly homeschool game meetup, and now although the focus has shifted with our homeschool friends, the available games give a source of stability and comfort (if nothing else, the kids can play games.)

I thought I should do a brief overview of our top and most favorite family games.

Steve Jackson’s Munchkin (Classic)

Munchkin – This is a dungeon-crawl type role-playing game (light) that uses cards to build the characters and fight the monsters (and betray your friends) but it’s all done in good fun.

Story War – A great game for imagination and learning the concepts of a good story, this game requires an odd number of players because who wins is up to an “impartial” judge.  If you really like this type of game, then you should also invest in some Story Cubes (not affiliated).

The card game, Fluxx

Fluxx – Fluxx is a game of ever-shifting rules. Simple to play and always a blast, this card game is silly and great fun for a family.

King of Tokyo – This game is like an interactive Creature Double-Feature. You win by defeating the other monsters to become the “King of Tokyo.”

Zombie Dice – This is a game of both luck and skill (knowing when not to chase the survivor for their brains). You are a zombie, just trying to survive in today’s apocalypse. The zombie with the most brains at the end, WINS!

We Didn’t Playtest This At All

We Didn’t Playtest This At All – My kids go bonkers over this game, and it’s really nothing but laughs. Similar to Fluxx, the rules of the game change as you go. It’s easy to learn, and always a good time.

Settlers of Catan – The best way to get your kids hooked on this game is to tell them it’s like Minecraft IN REAL LIFE! Well, almost. You collect materials and trade those materials to build houses, roads and other cool stuff.

Gloom – The goal of this game is to be the most unfortunate family in the game. Better for pre-teens and up, it’s a lot of fun to try to make the lives of your opponent’s families happy while explaining why your family is the most sad.

Timeline History Game

Timeline – Great for a quick history/science game based around well known inventions and discoveries. I LOVE THIS GAME. Great for almost any age (we’ve played it with Kindergartners)

Forbidden Island – The best part about this game is that either everyone wins or everyone loses! Great for super competitive siblings who need practice in teamwork, and for their very, very tired parents. Fun for the whole family!