Travel Homeschool Blogs

I am fascinated with the idea of taking time to travel across the country with my kids to see the amazing country that we live in. There is so much to see and do, and I am gearing up to making this happen for us in the next year or so (before the big one is just too big.)

road trip

I’ve already done some of the east coast with the boys including Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Florida and Washington DC. We just need “a bigger boat.”

Here are some inspiring families who have taken the plunge and whose adventures I am enjoying following.

1. – “We quit our adopted home, Port Douglas Australia, over 8 months ago to travel as a family, indefinitely and on the cheap. We don’t have pots of money and we have children. If we can do it, so can you! ”

2. – “…my family and I decided to leave suburban America, sell all our “stuff”, homeschool our kids, and travel the world together. This blog is about our adventures and what we’ve learned in the process.”

3. –  “”We” are just your normal, everyday, American family who happens to be following our dreams and chasing rainbows. We are adventure seekers and modern-day explorers who are limited only by our imaginations – and we have very vivid imaginations! ”

4. – “…our objective would be almost the exact opposite! To go “see it all”. But it couldn’t be like Chevy Chase in the movie Vacation where we would spend five minutes looking over the Grand Canyon just to check it off our list of places to see before we arrive at our final destination. We wouldn’t rush through the country to “see” as many sites as possible in one year. For us, the trip would be the destination and our farthest point would simply be where we turn around and head back.”

Even more inspiration:

5.  – “amilies On The Road (FOTR) are families who are choosing not to wait until our kids are grown to hit the road in a Recreational Vehicle. We are living our dreams, exploring the highways and byways of America and beyond with our kids. We are here to educate, inspire and support all families who choose this lifestyle. ”

Hope you find these blogs inspiring!