STEM Activity: Mini-Greenhouses



As part of our plant biology projects, we made some mini greenhouses with the kids. These were simple, inexpensive and fun to do with the group.  We got lots of different kinds of seeds, some potting mix, some small clear plastic cups (2 per kid), scotch tape and some water.

Step 1
Put about 1/2 cup of potting mix into one of the plastic cups.


Step 2
Add the seeds. We let the kids pick whatever seeds they wanted and had a large variety to choose from.



Step 3
Add a little water.

Step 4
Tape the 2nd cup upside down on top of the first cup.


Voila! Mini green houses. We got this great idea from The Handmade Home. I printed out these handouts for the kids to take home for some enrichment activities.



Link here:



Link here:


Link here:

Here are some more pictures from our activity. Hope you try it yourself, and tell us how it works out for your family or group in the comments below!