Field Trip: American Textile Museum

Our trip to the American Textile Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts was filled with a lot of hands-on activities, education and fun.




The day started with more of a traditional learning opportunity. The educator showed lots of interesting pictures and other materials to the kids and told them about how the art of textiles began with spindles, looms and basic thread and cloth making in the home. The kids were given samples of natural materials that were used to dye thread and make cloth. They did a tabletop activity and worked in pairs to complete it.



IMG_5135The kids were then led over to the looms and were given an opportunity to lean hands-on how to weave cloth using an old fashioned loom and shuttle.

The final part of the field trip was a tour of the museum. The kids were guided through a variety of very interesting exhibits. One of my favorite areas was the area with the old looms that were eventually mechanized. The children learned all about the industrial revolution and what life was like in an early mill factory.

This was a great field trip, and I would highly recommend a visit. The museum often has special events and homeschool days that are a blast to visit.