Field Trip: Old South Meeting House, “Tea is Brewing”

In April, we had a super fun field trip to the Old South Meeting House in Boston to learn about how the Boston Tea Party really started with the “Tea is Brewing” interactive activity.


Each child was given a part to play, either patriot or loyalist, and they participated in a debate. They were allowed to memorize their parts, if they wished, or were provided with a part to read. The kids got really into it, shouting “Huzzah!” when a member of their “party” got up to speak.


Once this part of the field trip was over, the children were invited to explore the museum and the building. Some great information was given about the history of the building, the architecture and some of the restorations that had been done.

The museum area had information about the time period, including important women, books and other artifacts.


This was a bit more expensive than some of the other field trips we had done, but it was well worth it for all the kids got out of it. We will definitely keep this in mind for future excursions.