Field Trip to Battleship Cove


We very much enjoyed our field trip to Fall River’s Battleship Cove.  My oldest is studying American History 2: Reconstruction through the present. It’s kind of a relief because I feel like we have done the Revolutionary War and the Civil War a lot. A whole lot.

From their website:

Located on the waterfront in historic Fall River, Battleship Cove is one of Southeastern Massachusetts’ most popular tourist attractions. With its collection of military vessels of local, national, and international importance, the museum draws visitors from all over the world.

Explore the  USS Massachusetts, the destroyer USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., submarine USSLionfish, and PT Boats from the South Pacific, as well as the thrilling interactive Pearl Harbor Experience.

These ships are amazing, and huge! The tour took us through the five ships including the submarine. Our guide did a great job talking about what life was like serving on a naval ship during WWII, having been a soldier during that time.


The USS Massachusetts known to her crew-members as “Big Mamie” is enormous. It is like a small city. The museum has several floors of exhibits. You could spend the entire day on this one ship. It was launched in September 1941 and decommissioned in 1947. Big Mamie has the distinction of having fired the US Navy’s first and last 16-in shells of the war.

The submarine was neat – and tight. The men who worked on this vessel had no access to clean water for their entire assignment (volunteer). I felt like I was in Hunt for Red October in there!


One of the most beautiful exhibits on the ship was the memorial room where they had the names of every Massachusetts soldier who died during the 2nd World War listed by county. It is a very moving display.

There was so much to see and learn on these ships that we will need another trip to fully experience it all. It’s incredible how these men fought for our country, how they lived and worked together and helped keep our country safe.

Admission to the cove is $17 for adults, $10.50 for children ages 6-12, 5 and under are free. We recommend a visit!