Teen & Tween Meetup: Kayaking in Lincoln Woods, RI

Who doesn’t love kayaking? We set up a tour at Lincoln Wood State Park in Rhode Island as a teen & tween meetup.


I guess it was kind of a gamble to set up a kayaking trip in September, but thankfully it worked out great.


Whoever could buy and schedule early got a Groupon for only $12.50 for EMS Schools who have a kayak boat rental cabin right next to the lake. We met at 11 and got suited up and onto the pond by 11:30. It turned out to be an absolutely glorious day, and we stayed and had a picnic lunch afterwards.


The kids had such a good time that we’ll definitely be looking to do this again in the Spring. EMS has lessons available, and in my research I also found other kayaking excursions in the Blackstone River Valley.

EMS Schools
Blackstone Valley Outfitters