Historical Sword Fighting

The Historical Sword Fighting classes are available Tuesday nights at 6 PM. In this class, kids 8 and up can learn historical sword fighting techniques
Ages 8-17
Instructor: Bill DeCosta
Punch cards available – 5 or 10 visits, 20% off

This sword class is perfect for kids and teens who:

Have an interest in historical sword fighting techniques
Admire the technique of the samurai, gladiator, or knight
Like Minecraft, Skyrim or other fantasy games and would enjoy a real-life video game scenario to get moving

Each class will start with a warm-up and skills review. Skills and strategy are combined with technique in a playful way that engages kids, builds dexterity and endurance. The first few classes are designed to familiarize students with the basic body movements of a variety of sword fighting techniques. We provide padded swords (boffers) for all participants for sparring and practice during class. Comfortable clothes are recommended.  Please bring a water for your child.

Bill DeCosta