Adventure Programs

Our Adventure Programs are now open for registration!

Member discount available for Saturday programs (below), Tuesday’s Sword Fighting (6 PM) and Wednesday Hero’s Guild (5 PM) are free to members.

For teens:

For younger kids:

These monthly adventures focus on problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork and imagination. They encourage self confidence and physical movement and engage the whole child by using gaming techniques that are proven to improve learning outcomes.

May 12
June 9
July 14
August 18
September 15
Weekly crafting meetups are also available to keep kids involved in the fun!

Adventure Programs improve the communication and thinking skills needed that affect performance in every area of academics. These include language arts, scientific inquiry and analytical thinking as well as social skills that improve relationship building and understanding of the world round them.

Most of all, Adventure Programs are FUN! They bring a child’s imagination to life and immerse them in a world that they get to help create and influence with their choices.

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Your teen can become the hero of their own adventure, defining and overcoming obstacles and discovering their inner hero. This live action adventure program introduces thought provoking group and individual activities. They will venture into the wooded area full of trails, rock formations and places to explore to solve the mystery of the blight in the fictional Town of Woodhearst. The Hero’s Journey is a character education program that follows the main points of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey by combining collective story telling, fantasy, improv, teamwork and self-reflection while exploring the natural environment. Ages 13-17, 12:30 PM-2:30 PM

For teens who have completed the Hero’s Journey, the story continues as they become a member of the Queen’s Guard for the kingdom of Calchester. This program offers opportunity for team building, collaboration, imaginative story telling, self-confidence and friendship. Participants have even more control over the direction of the narrative in this live action adventure program that explores the outdoors, gets them moving and engages their creativity. Ages 13-17, 3 PM-5 PM
A live action combat-free adventure perfect for young children and kids working on practicing social skills. Kids will play a fairy who can shape shift into an animal and work together using their fairy magic to help people from the local village. Ages (flexible) 10 AM-12 PM
A great introductory program for kids learning about character building and live action adventures. Kids can collect resources while they explore the woods and contribute to building their community, keep away monsters and complete quests. This program is inspired by Minecraft, Roblox and other Sandbox Video Games. Ages 9-12, 10 AM-12 PM