39 Clues Book Club (Homeschoolers)

A *9 week* discussion group based on the book series,The 39 Clues, recommended for readers who enjoy a good adventure, history and real-life connections and a mystery to unravel!

January 9 – March 13, 1 PM
$10 drop in, or buy a punch card and save 20%

About the Book (from the website)
When Old Grace Cahill kicks the bucket, her will reveals the first in a series of secrets that will take her heirs on an adventure around the world. Key among them are Amy and Dan Cahill, a brother and sister team determined to discover Grace’s secrets. With the help of their glitter eye shadow-wearing, nose-ring-rocking au pair, Nellie, the three of them travel to Philadelphia and Paris on the trail of that guy on the front of the $100 bill: Benjamin Franklin.

Students will learn:

Creative Expression
Critical Thinking Skills
Deductive Reasoning
Number Sense
Historical Thinking

The group will engage in discussion, creatign an investigative journal, vocabulary, geography & map reading, and other fun, engaging activities. Recommended reading level, ages 8-11.