In April, we had a super fun field trip to the Old South Meeting House in Boston to learn about how the Boston Tea Party really started with the “Tea is Brewing” interactive activity. Each child was given a part to play, either patriot or loyalist, and they participated in […]

Field Trip: Old South Meeting House, “Tea is Brewing”

This was my family’s 2nd year running the community’s International Tabletop Day at the Somerset Public Library. International Tabletop Day was started in 2013 by Geek & Sundry and the Tabletop TV show with Will Wheaton, and is designed to promote the hobby of card, board, and pen-and-paper role-playing games — […]

International Tabletop Day 2014

Our trip to the American Textile Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts was filled with a lot of hands-on activities, education and fun.   The day started with more of a traditional learning opportunity. The educator showed lots of interesting pictures and other materials to the kids and told them about how […]

Field Trip: American Textile Museum

Last school year, we started offering some simple STEAM activities at our Tuesday meetup for our local homeschool group. We did lots of fun activities, still had lots of time for socializing and making friends and even had lunch! This year, we’re going to take these activities to the next […]

DIY Camp Somerset (Formerly STEAM)