Yankee Candle World: A lesson in the American Dream

Last week, we had the pleasure of visiting Yankee Candle world in Deerfield, MA.  I was surprised by all the fun and activities there, not to mention a great lesson about candle-making and the American dream.

There was an area that showed all the old-fashioned ways of making taper candles and pillar candles, showing how the progression of dipping candles, and information on the different kinds of materials that they use to make the candles: bayberries and beeswax.y

History of candlemaking
History of candlemaking
The stove where Yankee Candle all began

The story is that Michael Kittredge made his mother a candle for Christmas in 1969 in Hadley, MA out of crayons and a milk carton and the neighbors were so impressed that he started making candles on a regular basis on the stove above. He was then ousted to the basement before purchasing a factory to make the candles.  I love this lesson in American capitalism and ingenuity.  We spent a good amount of time in the “museum” section looking at the process of candle making and the origins of the materials.

Wax Hands
Wax Hands
Wax Hands
Wax Hands

The rest of Yankee Candle World was a blast.  The kids made wax hands, we smell-tested all the amazing candles, bought some fudge and took a journey through Christmas village.

Yankee Candle World

It is well worth a stop.  In fact, you could spend all day!

Hope you enjoyed the peek into our adventure.



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