PAX East 2013: Games & Cos Play

As you may remember, we headed to PAX East with the kids last weekend, and boy what a fun time we had!  PAX is a great family conference because it centers around games, both table top and video games.  Lots of people (and kids) dress up as their favorite video game character, and our kids did this for the first time.  The fun, creative part was letting them decide what their costumes would be and letting them figure out how to make them.

Our kids ready for PAX 2013

Other fun stuff we saw was all the new games.  We spent a lot of time in the tabletop section, and purchased a few new things in preparation for our Table Top day at the library.  Some of the games we got were:

Miskotonic School for Girls, an independent game that was funded through Kickstarter two years ago.

Flame War, a new card game where you are a moderator of an online blog.

The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow, a party game where you play as a village trying to discover the werewolf (or wolves) among you.

Forbidden Desert, the sequel to Forbidden Island (one of my favorite games) was pre-ordered.  I. Can’t. WAIT!  These are cooperative play games where you all win or lose as one!

Here are some more awesome pix from our trip to PAX.  Hope you enjoy them – and Game On DUDE!