Review: Chore Monster

The Chore Monster app is a goal-setting application that can be used through either a web interface or a mobile device. After creating a parent account, you can create accounts for each child in your family and assign the child his / her own task list. You also get to set how much they earn for each task, and the frequency with which they are rewarded. You also set the rewards (Simple ones like perhaps xbox  or computer time, time with mom / dad etc. or bigger ones like a trip to an arcade, bowling, book store trip.)

Another reward is that they earn monsters along the way. Through their paid service, they can use their monsters to play at the carnival. Now this may seem a little unfair to some (i.e. hold the parents hostage to buy the paid service) it’s actually quite reasonable at $5 / month at most. Especially if this is motivating for the child and if s/he is “into” it. If it’s out of your price range, you could possibly ask for someone to buy the annual subscription as a gift (just a thought).

How to get a child to do chores without nagging is a challenge for homeschooling and public schooling families alike. Why not try to make it less difficult and more fun?

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