Can my child be with his / her friend in classes at large events?

We make an effort to grant requests within reason, but we cannot guarantee that friends will be together at all times during the day. Class assignments depend largely upon the first-come-first-served principal and availability.

What is your Code of Conduct?

Click here for our Code of Conduct

Do I need to bring my own NERF/ Boffer Equipment / Eye protection?

At this time, we suggest at battle events that you bring your own equipment. If we have extra, we’re happy to share, but these are available on a first-come-first-served basis. We do regularly provide NERF darts for all NERF related activities. Do not bring your own or they may get lost. We also strongly recommend that you label all NERF blaster parts and other items you bring with you.

What is your refund policy?

Mastermind Adventures will grant refunds up to two weeks before the event. For planning purposes, we regretfully cannot offer refunds after that date. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

What are the risks involved?

Safety is a main concern at all our events and is a foremost consideration for each activity. Mastermind Adventures events and activities have a lot of opportunities for physical interactions. Kids will get to run, play and be active, and therefore we cannot guarantee that a child will not experience typical risks associated with physical contact activities and an energetic environment, whether indoors or outdoors. Overexcited players may hit too hard or not look where they are going, etc. Our staff and NPCs make every effort to remind kids to be safe. Your child is guaranteed to have every opportunity to be active, make friends, have fun and be a part of something awesome.

Where can I find your waivers?

Medical Waiver
Participant Waiver