The Fan Club

11 AM to 8 PM at the NEW Mastermind Adventures 262 Swansea Mall Drive, Swansea,MA. Drop in for FREE!

No matter what your a FAN of, this is the club for you to connect with others who like anime, manga, animation, graphic novels, marvel, cosplay, drawing & art, LARP, Marvel, Disney, games, YouTube, books, movies…the list goes on! This will be a safe space for you to geek out and talk about the things you love and explore things that other people love (no hating, please!)

We want to get together, have something fun to watch, share our favorite things, talk, draw, play games and make cool stuff together. The members get to decide what they want to talk about and share.

This is a FREE get together! Recommended for middle and high school students. The hope is for the kids to be able to put together celebrations about the things they love, work on projects together and get group discount tickets for local cons.