What We’re Playing This Week: Pirate Games

Who doesn’t love a good pirate adventure? The introduction to Peter Pan, Treasure Island or Pirates of the Caribbean. We love the idea of maps to secret locations, finding buried treasure and outwitting other pirates and the Royal Navy in our quest for greatness! Yo ho, me harties! Here be some of our favorites.


Dread Pirate

3-4 players, 60 minutes, Ages 8+

Dread Pirate is a game by Front Porch Classics with really beautiful pieces, like metal ships and doubloons,  cloth map, glass jewels, velvet bags and wooden dice. As a pirate on the high seas, it’s your goal to sail to a variety of ports and loot for booty. Once you have a jewel of each color, your ship can land on Dread Island and get some extra doubloons! You also can engage in skirmishes with other pirates to see who the most fearsome pirate really is!














2-6 Players, 45 Minutes, Ages 14+

In Libertalia, published by Asmodee, pirate captains battle it out by using their unsavory crew over three rounds to make off with the best treasure and avoid penalties. This game takes a lot of strategy and forethought to outwit your friends and make off with the best take.















Metal Adventures

3-6 Players, 45-60 Minutes, Ages 14+

Metal Adventures published by Asmodee takes pirating to a whole new place, literally! In this game, you play the captain of a pirate space ship, adhering strictly to a pirate code, while negotiating your way to victory! Explore the galaxy and planets and win glory for yourself and your crew. Make the right alliances and you might end up with control of the universe. This is an exciting game of trade, barter and backstabbing.














Want to know more? The Masterminds did a video with lots more detail and shenanigans. Watch it below.