Camp Half Blood

From the universe of Percy Jackson, join us for an amazing adventure at Camp Half-Blood. This year’s Camp Half Blood will be at Stoico YMCA Swansea. Recommended for kids age 7+, the schedule for the day will be the same but participants will be divided into cabins by age groups to ensure that activities are appropriate for all.

 There will be:

A Quest / Storyline & Mystery
Grand Melee Boffer Fight
Boffer sword combat training
Team Competitions (Cabin vs. Cabin)
Ropes Course

This experience is an epic field day, including foam archery battles, sword fighting and troll ball, capture the flag, atlas ball and more!

Bring your own boffer weapons which must meet official boffing regulations. Any kind of boffing weapon may be allowed upon approval at check-in.

Please bring a picnic lunch and water. 

10:00 Warm up
10:30-11:30 Cabin vs. Cabin team games
11:30-12 Lunch (bring a nut free bag lunch)
12:-1 PM Cabin vs. Cabin team games
1 – 2 PM Quest!
2-3 PM Capture the Flag
You may now pre-order Tshirts and boffers (foam swords). Tshirts at the door will be $25.
Cabin vs. Cabin