How to Create a Fun Off-Line Minecraft Scavenger Hunt

I was reading the article, from MineMum titled Offline Activities for Kids who Love Minecraft. My favorite suggestion from her was  to create a Minecraft-theme hunt in real life (or gets the kids to create their own), searching for items that are found in the game like flowers, trees, food and animals. I always prefer options where kids can do an activity without parent involvement if possible, so having the kids create scavenger hunts for each other would be my preference. But they may need a little inspiration to get their creative juices flowing.

Above is an example of a Minecraft scavenger hunt from a creative mom who wanted to make gifting the game to her child a little more exciting. I like that she went low-tech and just hand printed the clues with marker. She also made great use of her environment. These are some great tips for Masterminding your own (and having the kids create their own) scavenger hunts.

1. Use what you have. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It doesn’t even have to be written (shout out to my fellow moms of Dysgraphic/Dyslexic kids! Yo!) They can draw a picture if they prefer.
2. Make the game more exciting with challenges.  Use riddles, physical challenges or codes to add an extra layer of fun and interest. The act of adding a little more complexity may help hold the interest of an older or more creative child and put those critical thinking skills to use!
3. Know your environment. Taking inventory of what you have around you to work with, and noting how far apart these things are will help create a more interesting puzzle.
4. Failure is OK (and sometimes encouraged)! If you create a clue and the person receiving the clue doesn’t get it right away, that’s OK! Don’t give them the answer. They may need time, space, a hint or a good question to get them to figure it out. But it’s much more rewarding for the player to figure it out on their own.

If the kids need a great example to get going and you haven’t the time to make your own, here is a fantastic, short printable Minecraft scavenger hunt from the Penny Pinchin’ Mom!

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