Let’s Play! Camouflaged Curriculum with Lloyd Lamarre

This interview is with award winning educator, coach, dad and foster parent, Lloyd Lamarre. We talk about how education has changed over the last 20 years, and his approach to keeping kids engaged in the classroom as well as strategies that help him keep his own kids balanced.

Lloyd is teaching two classes for us in August, an Armor Building Workshop and a Young Inventor’s Workshop. You can find the listings here http://www.mastermindadventures.com/educational-adventures/


Strategies in Parenting

  • Be connected and willing to have conversations with your kids about the things they enjoy
  • Sit down next to them and play the game along with them
  • Take a break together, go on an adventure
  • Ask your child, ‘Why is this activity valuable for you?’
  • Schedule blocks of time that it’s OK to plug in and other times when it’s not
  • Use and talk about technology as a tool
  • Flip the screen and have kids make a podcast or videos to tap into their creativity

Best offline activities for kids

  • Blocks and building toys
  • Puzzles
  • Read individually or to one another

Process to put together great programs for kids

  • Put together a list of skills you want to teach
  • Camouflage the curriculum within things the kids can buy into
  • Give kids a reason research information to find out more
  • Make failure acceptable by mitigating the cost of failure
  • Failure can sometimes be used to encourage teamwork and collaboration
  • Prepare thought provoking questions, and know it isn’t up to you (the instructor) to have all the answers
  • Look for opportunities for cross curricular connections
  • Remember, when kids are interested, you can teach them anything

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