Let’s Play! with Fitzcarmel Lamarre, Encourage Creativity

This is my interview with Fitzcarmell Lamarre, father, educator, artist and organizer behind the Creative Oasis destination painting and mobile art program , talks about his own journey to finding himself in creating artwork, from graphic designer to portrait artist to comic book creator. Fitz talks about how to encourage creativity in your own kids, how to set up an art station for any age and tips on how to stay connected to what your child is interested in.

Find Fitz on Facebook or via email. You can register for Fitz’s classes for July or August or find him as Artist in Residence in July at the New Bedford Whaling National Park for free workshops or at the art program for the Boys & Girls Club in New Bedford during summer 2018

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Show Notes

  • Take a trip to a local book sale to get a peek into what your children are interested in
  • Use pictures as references and use the Grid Method  to draw faster and more accurately
  • Set up activity stations so that kids have options of activities
  • Spend time doing an activity with your kids and model enthusiasm

Setting up an art space for your children


Take it further

  • Encourage interest in sequential art (story boarding, comic books) to observe human expression, body language and story telling / creative writing.
  • Share creative space with your kids by doing art projects together


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