Let’s Play! with Katia Greene, All the World’s a Stage

In this episode, I’m talking with Katia Greene, director, singer, actor, makeup artist and more! Katia has worked with children in the theater programs for over 20 years and is now directing an all-teen cast in The Un-common Theatre’s production of Disaster! The Musical, July 19-22 at the Orpheum Theater in Foxboro, MA. Tickets available at uncommontheatre.org/tickets. This fall, she will continue to direct the stage musical, Legally Blonde with the Un-common Theatre.

We talk about how to direct a dramatic child’s energy into something positive and fun, theater arts!

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Show Notes

  • Katia has worked for the YMTC Youth Musical Theater Corp in Fall River, MA, Arts for Youth in Bridgewater, MA and most currently the Un-Common Theater Company directing Disaster! the Musical by Seth Rudetsky  and Legally Blonde in the Fall.
  • There are lots of ways to get kids involved in the theater in addition to the stage roles. Building and painting sets, costuming, makeup artistry, music, lighting and audio tech, props, social media for marketing, graphic design and ushering are all ways that they can help your local community theater company.
  • Klutz Face Painting book was Katia’s introduction to makeup design. Wolfe Brothers face paint is fantastic and just make sure the kids’ faces are well moisturized.  Katia recommends Silly Farm for resources and Johnson’s baby shampoo to clean your brushes and Albolene makeup remover.  Reynolds Advanced Materials offers one day workshops on how to build facial prosthetic.
  • Barrett’s Haunted Mansion in Massachusetts and other haunted houses offer a different kind of acting experience. Creative Dramatics, Live Action Role Play also offer opportunities for theatrical outlets. Theater offers opportunity for shy kids to wear a different “skin” or personality to make interaction with the world a safer place.
  • Exposing your kids to theater doesn’t have to be expensive. Check your local library, high school and college performances and community theater are more accessible.

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