Let’s Play! LIVE with Jennifer Romanat, Encouraging Music

Jennifer Havens Romanat is an award winning singer songwriter of imaginative children’s music (Just Pickin’ Flowers), a mom, a teacher and a performer. We’ll talk about her story, her inspiration and how to encourage musical exploration in children. Jennifer teaches music and movement classes for East Side Music Together. She also performs with The Persisters band around New England.

Learn more about Jennifer on her Facebook page here >> https://www.facebook.com/JenniferHavensRomanat/ or listen to her music on SoundCloud here >> https://soundcloud.com/jenhavensromanat and the Persisters on SoundCloud here >> https://soundcloud.com/the-persisters

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Show Notes

What is Music Together?

  • Music & Movement Program
  • Kids ages infant to 7 yrs and their caregivers
  • Finger plays, singing together, movement
  • Rhythm instruments, drums & singing
  • Music is influenced by world music with different meters

About Just Pickin’ Flowers

  • Inspired by the kids Jennifer has worked with over the years
  • Magic of creativity in kids is at the heart of the music
  • Draws from the power of imagination in children

How to encourage music in young children

  • Get them involved in music & movement
  • Be silly with your kids
  • Enjoy music together by playing with it
  • Creative play and exploration of rhythm instruments
  • If you want them to start a musical instrument, make sure it’s something they are interested in
  • Expose them to different kinds of music
  • Putumayo World Music (and shout out to my friend Jay and his All Around This World Music CDs and programs)
  • Theater and voice lessons are great alternatives to instrumentation

Jennifer’s favorite sources of inspiration for children’s music

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