Let’s Play! The YMCA & Community Programs with Mike Mahoney

Mike Mahoney is the Executive Director at the First Fed/Stoico YMCA in Swansea and knows all about kids recreation and how to get kids excited and motivated to jump in! We’ll talk about what he looks for in a good recreation program and building a solid community.

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Resources at the YMCA

  • Leader’s Club volunteer program for teens
  • Passport to Camp helps kids “level up” their skills
  • YMCA is the largest provider of daycare
  • Longest provider of day camp
  • History of innovative programming including invention of
    • basketball
    • volleyball
    • badminton
    • step aerobics
  • Child care provided for members so that parents can exercise

Quality Programming

  • Accommodate the whole family if possible
  • Popular trends
  • Things that get everyone active
  • Activities where people can build relationships
  • Programming that is progressive

Favorite Resources & Inspiration

  • Ted Talks
  • Macaroni Kid
  • Parenting Groups online
  • Children’s Museums
  • Zoos

Fall Programming

  • Progressive archery program
  • Family Adventure Nights
  • Educational Program once per week
  • Sports programs
    • Basketball Leagues
    • Soccer
    • Dance programs
  • After School program
    • Academic
    • Enrichment
    • Physical activity
  • Trunk or Treat

How the YMCA can help you

  • Find your YMCA
  • Visit and explore (many times free passes are available)
  • Senior friendly
  • Homeschool Groups
  • Financial aid is often available

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