Blaster Battle League

There is something really special that happens when you put a blaster in a kid’s hand. Suddenly, they take on the role of their favorite super hero, banding together with their fellow heroes to face any challenge. Or they visualize being part of their favorite video game, accepting rewards for their efforts – running, diving and doing acrobatics.

Blaster Battle League has been designed to go one step further with kids by giving them a story to follow. The challenges encourage communication between team mates and offers much needed social practice often seen in team sports.

This format includes a trauma informed approach to curriculum development and leader training. The program is embedded with positive behavior reinforcements to promote desired outcomes in social emotional learning.


Participants will be put into teams of up to 15 (ideally, the team members will remain the same throughout the 8 week session, but sometimes adjustments need to be made due to absences.)

Each session, teams will be faced with a number of different challenges that encourage team building, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Many of these games types are familiar to the participants if they like to play video games. They employ similar reward systems that help kids sustain motivation – even when faced with failure and loss.

These, 90 minute blaster battles (2 hours with setup and “level up” time each week) will feature themed games that will help participants learn important social skills. We can facilitate a 4, 6 or 8 week session.

Examples of these games are:

  • Capture the Flag – Get opposing team’s flag back to your base without getting tagged out
  • Team Arena – Earn points for your team by tagging opposing team members out.
  • Defend the Core – Get the most darts in the opposing team’s core before the time runs out.
  • Control Points – Take out targets guarded by the other team


Participants will get a choice of player types to choose from that would give them bonuses in certain fighting abilities. Kids always love these choices because it makes them feel like their part of a living video game.

  • BlasterAbility = Advanced Blasting: unlocks weapons that use unique or unusual (non-standard) dart ammunition
  • Armor Ability = Tough: +1 Armor on respawn
  • MeleeAbility = Brawler: player may use a single melee weapon.
  • Streak – Ability = Spree: +2 Armor on any streak of 3
  • SupportAbility = Field Support: player may revive fellow teammates
  • BuilderAbility = Heavy Lifting: player gets ability to move bunkers with one hand or lift multiple bunkers at a time

Additional bonuses are earned over time as the players “level up” by learning and practicing social skills in the game.

Past Programs:

Mastermind Adventures has been creating unique living adventure games for kids and teens for the past 7 years. Many of these programs include battle sports like Nerf blaster games, foam sword games and dodge ball variants among other things. We combine these movement activities with storytelling and problem solving challenges inspired by books, video games and pop culture. This format is used to teach participants academic skills, social emotional skills and self-confidence.

We can provide examples of some of our past programs that focus on social skills, team building and problem solving upon request. We use game theory and positive behavior supports that keep kids engaged and focused on personal growth. Our programs are designed with a trauma informed approach and a focus on friendship building, flexible thinking and cooperation.

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