About Us

Mastermind Adventures began as a labor of love in 2012. We were looking for a way to help our kids stay connected with their friends and make new ones as we began homeschooling. The activities we volunteered to organize included tabletop game days, NERF adventures, educational enrichment activities and more. What we discovered was that there were a whole lot of kids and families looking to connect to others with similar interests from all kinds of backgrounds.

Our mission is to create fun, healthy enrichment programming that offer compelling alternatives to screen time for kids and teens. Kids and teens are spending an average of 6-8 hours per day on video games, tablets, phones and computers. The result is an overall increase in childhood obesity, loss of practical social skills, decrease in self-confidence and frustration on the part of parents and caregivers to find fun, healthy and compelling alternative activities. We are dedicated to creating engaging alternatives and programming that kids connect with that bring out the best in them and help them practice the problem solving, critical thinking and social skills that they need to become successful individuals.

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