Classes, Workshops & Meetups


Classes are $10/week or buy a punch card for 5 or 10 visits and save 20%
Clubs & meetups (chess, Pokemon, etc) are $5/week or buy a punch card for 5 or 10 visits and save 20%

*Enrichment Programs have special pricing as listed. Check out our February Vacation Programs! (coming soon)

Memberships also available for unlimited visits and classes to our place in the Swansea Mall

Winter Schedule as of April 8 – Classes run approximately 50 minutes


12:30  DIY Club – Earn badges with your friends through DIY.orgInstructor: Ally, Cost $10

12:30 Lego Mindstorm – Build and learn basic coding concepts through hands-on activities. Instructor: Tom S.,  Cost $10

1:30   Magic School Bus Science ClubExplore a different video each week and then complete a hands-on activity. Instructor: Ally, Cost $10

1:30   Code Logic: An Analog Adventure – Foundations of the skills needed to better understand and excel in future coding classes. Instructor: Tom S., Cost $10. New round begins Feb 26.

2:30  Magic Tree House ClubWe choose a book for the month and have discussion and crafts each week. Instructor: Ally, Cost $10

2:30   Latin for Middle & High SchoolThis class gives students a general overview of basic Latin and Greco-Roman culture. Instructor, Thomas R., Cost $10

2:30   Math Ninjas – Mastery with Tabletop GamesPlay math games together to help reinforce basic math mastery. Instructor: Alexis, Cost $10

3:30    No Thank You Evil!Introductory group storytelling / role playing game for kids ages 5+. Instructor: Ally, Cost $10

3:30   Ancient History – Study of historical events from Europe to the Middle East to the far coast of China, while still giving weight to the characteristics of each country. Instructor: Thomas R., Cost $10

4:30   Word Warriors! – Mastery with Tabletop Games Play word games together to help reinforce language mastery. Instructor: Alexis, Cost $10

5:30   Super Hero Fitness – Little ones can discover their inner Super Hero at Super Hero fitness! This class incorporates obstacle courses, NERF blasters and other fun props to get kids motivated to move. Instructor: Alexis, Cost $10

6:00   Historical Sword Fighting Class – Learn & practice sword fighting skills from techniques learned from a variety of cultures and styles. Instructor: Billy, Cost $10

Wednesdays: (board game lounge only is FREE)

1-2:30  Learn to play D&D for Kids and Teens – Learn the basics of this classic tabletop role playing game. Instructor: Tom, Cost $10

2:00   Writer’s Workshop – This discussion group for budding authors allows young people an opportunity for feedback on their individual writing projects. Instructor: Ally, Cost $10

3:00   Essay Writing- Learn the basics of grammar through lessons and practice. Instructor: Ally, Cost $10

4:00     Pokemon Trading Card Game ClubLearn to play Pokemon and challenge kids at all levels to improve your personal game. Instructors: Amanda & Rob, Cost $5

4:00     World Building – Building a world for a story or game is a complex creative exercise. The designer has to think about background, culture, communities, religions, warfare and environments for a story to unfold. Instructor: Ally, Cost $10

5:00    Chess Club for Kids & Teens – Play, practice and improve your chess game in this fun meetup for kids and teens. Instructor: Tom S. Cost $5

5:00     Beginning Knitting Instructionlearn to knit simple projects. (all ages) Instructor: Amanda, Cost $5

5:00     Hero & Adventurer’s Guild (Project Based DIY) – Project based group focused on building props and armor for LARP. Instuctors: Zac & Seth, Cost $10

5:30     Hula Hoop Fitness – High-energy, hula-hoop class for kids and teens, which focuses on the fundamentals of core hooping and full body workout. Instructor: Alexis, Cost $10

6:00     Knitting CircleCommunity knitting meetup group for all ages. Instructor: Amanda, Cost $5

6:30     HeroClix Instructional Meetup (all ages) – HeroClix is a tactical combat game where you put heroes and villains from your favorite comics, movies and TV shows in head to head combat. Instructor: Marc, Cost $5

5 PM    Dungeon & Dragons Adventurers League – an ongoing official campaign for Dungeons & Dragons. It uses the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons rules, and features the Forgotten Realms setting. Coordinators: Simon & Seth, Cost $5

5:30     Minecraft Game Meetup (Pocket or Laptop) – Calling all Minecraft enthusiasts! Bring your laptop or tablet and join in the fun! Instructor: Shalonne, Cost $5

6 PM     NERF Wars for Families (Mixed Ages)

7 PM     NERF Wars for Ages 10+

8 PM     NERF Wars for Teens & Adults (monthly)

Adult Meetup Schedule

5:30  Pathfinder Society & long form game meetups

6:30 HeroClix Meetup (all Ages)

5 PM    Dungeon & Dragons Adventurers League (Tier 1, Pre registration required, looking for GMs)

7-9 PM Friday Night Magic Booster Drafts

8-10 PM Teen & Adult NERF