Fall Schedule 2017


Classes are $10/week or buy a punch card for 5 or 10 visits and save 20%
Clubs & meetups (chess, Pokemon, etc) are $5/week or buy a punch card for 5 or 10 visits and save 20%

*Enrichment Programs have special pricing as listed.

Memberships also available for unlimited visits and classes to our place in the Swansea Mall

Fall In-Store Schedule (see all)

11:30 DIY Club with Ally
12:30 Magic Tree House Club with Ally
12:30 Illustration with Zac
1:30   Math Ninjas – Mastery with Tabletop Games with Zac
1:30   Classic Fantasy Book Club – A Wrinkle in Time with Ally
2:30   Outbreak! Biology RPG  with Zac
2:30   Word Warriors! – Mastery with Tabletop Games with Alexis
3:30   Game Master Workshop with Ally
4:00   Adventure Craft – Inspired by Minecraft with Zac*
5:30   Super Hero Fitness with Alexis
5:30   X-Wing Meetup for Teens and Adults
5:30   Pathfinder Society for Teens and adults

6:00 PM Historical Sword Fighting with Billy (Drop in)

Wednesdays: Fan Club: Teen Meetup (board game lounge only is FREE for kids and teens)
1-2:30  Learn to play Pathfinder for Kids and Teens with Zac
2:00      Writer’s Workshop with Ally
2:30      Beginning Guitar with Zac
3:00      Grammar Basics with Ally
3:00      Yu Gi Oh TCG with Rob
4:00     Chess Club for Kids & Teens with Tom
4:00     Pokemon Trading Card Game with Rob
4:00     World Building with Ally
4:00     Hero’s Journey – Living Literature with Zac*
6:00     Hula Hoop Fitness with Alexis
6:30     HeroClix Instructional Meetup with Marc (all ages)

5 PM    Dungeon & Dragons Adventurers League
5:30     Minecraft Game Meetup (Pocket or Laptop) with Shalonne

6 PM      Friday Night NERF for Kids 5-8
7 PM      Friday Night NERF for kids 9-12
8 PM      Teen & Adult NERF ages 13+

Adult Meetup Schedule

5:30  Pathfinder Society & long form game meetups
5:30  X-Wing Meetup for Teens & Adults

6:30 HeroClix Meetup (all Ages)

5 PM    Dungeon & Dragons Adventurers League

7-9 PM Friday Night Magic Booster Drafts
8-10 PM Teen & Adult NERF

Registration Now Open for our Big Fall Event!

Eaglesclaw School Event Saturday November 11


Teen Bonfire & Hayride for kids 12+, October 26