Hero’s Journey Adventure Game

The Hero’s Journey adventure game takes participants through the 5 main phases of Joseph Campbell’s theory of the Hero’s Journey (the Hero with a Thousand Faces). This game focuses on problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork and imagination. Through each phase of the game, the challenges encourage self confidence and physical movement and engage the whole child by using gaming techniques that are proven to improve learning outcomes.

Adventure Programs improve the communication and thinking skills needed that affect performance in every area of academics. These include language arts, scientific inquiry and analytical thinking as well as social skills that improve relationship building and understanding of the world round them.

Example Adventure Story Setup

The town of Woodhearst is a peaceful town on the edge of an enchanted wood. They have seen many years of prosperity and good harvest.

The town has a mix of farmers, merchants, rangers and magical and healing folk. Woodhearst is coming up on their bicentennial – the 200th anniversary of the Victory of Woodhearst.

Everyone is in preparation for this exciting celebration.

A traveling merchant comes into town to warn them – A terrible sickness has infected all the nearby towns and will likely hit Woodhearst next. The herald suspects that the sickness has to do with a new plant that has been popping up near the forest.

There is a rumor that one of the secluded ones has answers about the origins of the disease. They must find answers before they start showing symptoms of the illness themselves. The herald babbles about “whispering willows” and “talking trees” and begs them to find the answer before it’s too late.

Can the residents of Woodhearst find out what is causing this plague before it affects their town?

Adventures are set up where the participants look for clues, collect evidence and take on quests that lead them closer to solving mysterious aspects of the story. Some challenges will require teamwork, and collaboration and some really good thinking skills.

Kids can find their own inner hero with The Hero’s Journey Adventure Game.

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