Quest! Adventure Game

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Fun, interactive social pragmatics / Social Emotional Learning for all ages!

The Quest! program is the first original  tabletop adventure game designed by professionals to use with kids to build social skills in a natural play environment. The game uses collaborative storytelling and role play in a fun, fantasy setting that engages participants and incentivizes the practice of social skills and social pragmatics in an immersive and exciting way.

Fairy Tail Forest: For grades K-2

Little ones love the stories of Fairy Tail Forest! The setting is filled with all kinds of magical creatures who share a love of community and picnics. Kids play woodland creatures who make their home in the forest and with the guidance of the Rainbow Witch, they help solve problems with the most amazing power of all – friendship!

Heroes of Nevinia - Grades 3-5

The underwater world of Nevinia is a kingdom filled with creatures influenced by world mythologies. This fantasy adventure setting inspires incredible imaginative storytelling in the mysteries of the deep. Players explore the underwater world and meet original characters, challenging obstacles and wondrous fun!

Champions of Endhaven

Champions of Endhaven takes kids on classic fantasy adventures in a world filled with magic and dragons where they will have to use their wits, their knowledge and some fast thinking to solve problems together and save their world.

For grades 9-12

Quest! Legends is a limitless world with multiple settings to explore. Adventurers may find themselves in a dystopian world filled with zombies or an outer space world filled with technology. These exciting stories help teens explore more challenging concepts as they work to discover the hero within.

Role playing games (RPGs) teach collective storytelling and creative problem solving. The game scenarios require deductive reasoning and diplomacy through engaging challenges. By creating a dynamic system of natural play, the development team has engineered a highly motivating environment that appeals to all kids and is user-friendly and easy to learn for facilitators.

Quest! has been developed to fill a gap by creating a highly motivating, natural  play environment where kids can use their creativity to solve problems, and engage in more authentic social situations.

Quest! is a versatile platform that allows therapists and educators to support kids in developing flexible thinking, cooperation skills, identify the effects of their choices on others in a low risk setting and, of course, practice positive social skills.