Virtual Program Options

1 hour programs

Magic the Gathering Deck Building Program

Learn deck building or basic Magic the Gathering strategy in these awesome virtual workshops on Zoom that will expand your skills and flex your critical thinking muscles.

Pokemon Master Academy

Fun, interactive Zoom programs including deck building, basic game play workshops and Pokemon SCIENCE that teaches the origins of your favorite Pokemon and their parallels to the living things in our real world.

Animal Crossing EDU

Join us in our virtual animal crossing program on Zoom for a variety of fun and educational activities! Learn about bugs, fish, fossils, stars and friendship using activities and challenges inspired by Animal Crossing New Horizons.

2 hour programs

Dungeons & Dragons Beginner Session

Exciting storytelling adventures with professional and experienced game masters on a virtual platform. These can be scheduled as stand-alone adventures or multi-week epics. We may even have a workshop for those who want to get started running their own games!

Multi Day Enrichment & After School Programs

Dungeons & Dragons

This program can be one or multiple tables of up to 7 kids per table. Recommended for kids 10+, This is an age appropriate adventure campaign that would last multiple weeks

Quest! Adventure Game

Quest! is an original tabletop role playing game (like Dungeons & Dragons) with a focus on social-emotional engagement and growth. This program can be used with kids under 10 to introduce them to the world of role playing games, and engages their creativity and ingenuity in a collaborative story they create together. This game encourages creative problems solving, collaboration and critical thinking skills through role play.

Living Literature

This program encompasses a variety of different kinds of activities and challenges that explore fantasy & science fiction themes, fun prompts, discussions, games and activities through the lens of one of these highly popular fictional worlds. Weekly challenges will offer an exciting goal for kids to achieve before the live session, where they will share their discoveries and ideas with other kids participating in the program.

Nature Exploration (Druid Craft)

This program will include a weekly challenge to find something from nature in their neighborhood. Participants might be challenged to take a picture of the item, draw the item or safely take a sample when appropriate. The instructor will facilitate live sharing and discussion sessions with the kids where they could talk about their adventures and what they find. Other activities and games are included each week to make this a highly interactive and collaborative scavenger hunt that can encourage physical movement and personal growth.

Adventure Game Club

This program includes weekly challenges centered around geeky topics like tabletop role playing games, live action role play, board games, cosplay and related interests. Each week, the instructor will present a challenge for the participants or teach about a specific topic. These could include deck building games, world building and creative writing, character building, writing adventure stories and game campaigns, creating costumes, crafting, puzzles, experiments, code making and more. The instructor facilitates live sharing and discussion sessions with the kids where they could talk about their projects and show what they have created or learned. Other activities and games are included each week to make this a highly interactive program that engages the kids in muli-modal learning and friendship building.

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