Live Action Wilderness Survival (LAWS) Program in Milton, MA

LAWS is a Mastermind Adventures LARP partnership program for homeschoolers.

The Merry Children of Sherwood Forest

Our story begins the day Robert of Locksley is strategically accused of treason by Prince John and declared the Outlaw Robin Hood. No longer protected by Robert of Locksley, all of the families who lived on his estate and were unable to pay Prince John enough to stay in their homes are forced out into Sherwood Forest, with no home and no way to feed themselves or earn a living. The children and youth of the families band together, as children do, and do all they can to survive, help each other and find ways to diminish Prince John’s strong hold on their lives until the return of good King Richard. You are these children and you have to do this all FOR REAL here at New England Base Camp.

Come learn how to survive in the forest and defeat bad guys in a world and character of your own making! How will YOU help save the day?

Earn REAL XP that will serve you in real life and in the L.A.W.S. Universe. For any Scouts, these skills are transferable to Scouting badges as well!

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