Quest! Adventure Game for Social Skills Mastery

The Quest! program is the first original  tabletop adventure game designed by professionals to use with kids to build social skills in a natural play environment. The game uses collaborative storytelling and role play in a fun, fantasy setting that engages participants and incentivizes the practice of social skills and social pragmatics in an immersive and exciting way.

Role playing games (RPGs) teach collective storytelling and creative problem solving. The game scenarios require deductive reasoning and diplomacy through engaging challenges. By creating a dynamic system of natural play, the development team has engineered a highly motivating environment that appeals to all kids and is user-friendly and easy to learn for facilitators.

Quest! has been developed to fill a gap by creating a highly motivating, natural  play environment where kids can use their creativity to solve problems, and engage in more authentic social situations.

Quest! is a versatile platform that allows therapists and educators to support kids in developing flexible thinking, cooperation skills, identify the effects of their choices on others in a low risk setting and, of course, practice positive social skills.

Watch the videos to learn more about this unique system to encourage social skill development in children

Key Contributors to Quest! Program Development

Patrick Lynch, Ph.D., Psychologist, Adult Training & Education Expert,  A strategic Executive Development and Change Architect with the experience to drive business results through effective digital strategies, engaging partnerships and applying practical metrics. Expertise in learning development to best meet dynamic workforce needs and identify and consult on the potential infrastructure needs to support new applications.

Evan Colbert, LICSW, Therapist, Co Facilitator & Contributor Evan has over 19 ears experience with a focus on trauma informed crisis intervention, and community and home based crisis stabilization, with diverse populations and ages – including early childhood and school aged youth. Significant experience working with children, adolescents and families. Specializing in crisis communication, mental health management, assessment, and diagnosis. 

Sara Rodrigues, LICSW, Therapist,  Co Facilitator & Contributor Sara has over 18 years of experience working with children and families. She specializes in working with individuals facing anxiety and depression but also in children presenting with developmental issues. Therapy can take many forms but Sara’s focus is always on helping people access their own strengths and build on their skills to meet their needs.

Shannon Witter, MS, Speech & Language Pathologist, Co Facilitator & Contributor  As a speech and language pathologist, Shannon evaluates and treats pediatric patients with a wide variety of speech and language disorders, including Autism, receptive-expressive language delays, articulation disorders, tongue thrust, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Down Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and dyslexia and runs a variety of social skills groups focused on social pragmatics.

Ally Sulentic, Games Expert & Master of Lore, Mastermind Adventures, Game Designer Ally is a games expert with over 15 years experience. She has a background in education and teaches classes for homeschooled students at Mastermind Adventures in creative writing, grammar and reading strategies. She also is responsible for original story constructs used for Mastermind’s special events and is the chief architect for developing the Quest! game mechanics and materials.

Krysten Callina, Owner of Mastermind Adventures Krysten is a  graphic designer, event organizer, script writer, game architect and marketing specialist. She has designed and organized live action and tabletop adventure games, social events and activities for kids for 15 years. 

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