Quest! Therapeutic Adventure Game to Practice Social Skills

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Quest! has been developed by industry professionals, for educators, counselors, mentors and other regular people. Sign up for the BETA training of Quest!  for Spring / Summer 2019 and receive a pdf copy of the game, a list of materials and guidance on how to implement it with your group.

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Even more info about Quest! for professionals

Although many kids benefit from social skills training, most are designed to work with kids who need rote practice, and are primarily focused on behavioral stabilization. There is a gap in services for kids who need more nuanced social skill and friendship development. The Quest! Program is the first original tabletop adventure game designed to encourage more sophisticated social behavior. It’s therapeutically adaptable and easy to use in group settings. 

The most popular social skills interventions employ highly structured practice of specific skills. Role Playing Games (RPGs) as therapy are not typically considered and are out of reach for the majority due to their complexity.

By using collective storytelling and creative problem solving, Quest! scenarios require deductive reasoning and diplomacy through engaging challenges. By creating a dynamic system of natural play, we’ve engineered a highly motivating environment that appeals to all kids.

This revolutionary system is designed for service providers in the fields of speech pathology, social work, education and beyond. By gamifying social skills practice, Quest! allows the facilitator to create more organic dialogue opportunities through challenges individualized to build specific, and even nuanced, skills and encourage relationship development.

This simple system is easy to learn. It takes the best parts of role play and storytelling and integrates them with incentives to create motivated engagement, collaboration skills and teamwork.

Find out more about quest by reading this article in the Herald News, or download a flyer about the training modules.