Sherlock Holmes: Holidays & Humbuggery

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Christmastime in 1895 Mrs. Hudson & Watson have invited guests to a winter lodge outside of London to celebrate the holidays with those who have been clients or associates of Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

The lodge is decorated with boughs and berries and the room smells of cinnamon and balsam. Suddenly, Lestrade interrupts the party.

“Forgive the interruption, Mr. Holmes, but we urgently need your help!”

You and the other guests look at one another. The time has come. The game is afoot!
Join us for a Holiday Whodunnit at the Tipsy Toboggan.

If you like experiences like Escape the Room and board games like Clue, you’ll love our interactive adventures for adults!

21+ event. Costumes strongly encouraged (Gothic Victorian / Steam Punk).