Summer Programs

Summer enrichment for nature, literature and STEAM subjects for kids ages 8+.

List of programs. Click on link for program to go directly to section:
Adventure Craft: Inspired by Minecraft
Meta Girls: STEM Empowerment Program
The Hero’s Journey
War Machines Workshop
Young Inventor’s Laboratory
Quest! Therapeutic Tabletop RPG

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Adventure Craft

This Summer, your kids can live out a real-life adventure while learning survival skills and exploring the great outdoors. Adventure Craft is a program that combines the elements of your child’s favorite sandbox video game into an opportunity to learn skill and teamwork while working through a story and exploring the natural environment. Mondays, 10 AM for 5 weeks beginning July 11. Learn more & register

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Meta Girls

Your daughter will get excited about practicing her STEM skills in this fun program designed to build confidence. We will practice key elements for success in the STEM fields by using tabletop board games. Then your Meta Girl will design her own tabletop game that they can teach to their friends and family. Learn more & register

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Hero’s Journey

This Summer, your kids ages 12+ can become the hero of their own adventure, defining and overcoming obstacles, both real and imagined. The Hero’s Journey is a program just for teens that follows the main points of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey by combining collective story telling, fantasy, improv, teamwork and self-reflection while exploring the natural environment. Mondays, 1 PM for 5 weeks beginning July 11.  Learn more & register

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War Machines Workshop

Learn the history of ancient war machines in this hands-on immersive class. From building walls and defenses to orchestrating attacks and sieges, your student will use algebra, geometry and physics to engineer defenses and dismantle opponents. Build war machines and projectiles to target walls and objects over the walls and take on the other students in a battle for the ultimate bragging rights. 2 five-day programs available in July. Recommended for kids 9+. Learn more and register

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Young Inventor’s Laboratory: Where Art Meets Mathematics

Come join Lloyd Lamarre- teacher of mathematics and Fitz Lamarre-the ART GUY as they co-teach a math art class. Using many different drafting and engineering principles we will join math and art as nature has always intended. In this class, we will explore the mind and history of one of the greatest polymaths and artist of our time: Leonardo DaVinci. 2 five-day programs available in July. Recommended for kids 10+. Learn more and register

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Quest! A Therapeutic Tabletop RPG

We are piloting a role playing game to teach social skills for kids on the Autism Spectrum. This program is being developed with area professionals in speech pathology and counseling. The pilot story will be inspired by the Minecraft universe (6 week program, once per week). More info and registration
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