Zombie STEM Camp at YMCA Swansea

STOICO/First Fed YMCA in Swansea is teaming up with Mastermind Adventures to offer you this fantastic experience!


School Vacation is Right Around the Corner!

Call 508.678.9622 for more info or to register
or email info@mastermindadventures.com

If your looking for a fun adventure for your child during school vacation, come to this fun, educational STEM camp that will get your kids thinking, working together and moving! Participants will take on the role of a survivor in a fortified bunker after the zombie apocalypse and will work in teams that specialize in engineering, research, agriculture and science.

They will have to collaborate to figure out problems and use their unique skills to take on the challenges of a post apocalyptic world in this living video-game experience inspired by World War Z by Max Brooks.

Activities will include Nerf blaster target practice, archery, tabletop games and more. Designed for grades 4-8.

$40/Day for Members $50/Day for Non Members. Financial assistance available.

Call 508.678.9622 for more info or to register.