Play is how we begin
We recognize that play is a key to learning complex skills and have created products and services that teach real world skills through play and imagination.
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Education, Entertainment & Immersion

Education & Training

We forge deeper learning connections through immersive, interactive storytelling. Our training can be delivered by our on-site team at your location, through training facilitators who utilize our content, or via digital platforms. We offer customizable educational subjects and scenarios tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Immersive Interactive Events

Our events draw inspiration from popular culture and media, crafting inspiring and memorable activities that engage participants in thoughtful problem-solving alongside fascinating characters. These events are scalable, ideal for intimate settings like libraries or larger gatherings with hundreds of attendees.

Therapeutic Programs

Teaching social and soft skills can be challenging, but through our story-driven and playful framework, individuals develop the confidence to explore new facets of their personality and the teamwork skills necessary to achieve collective story objectives. Beyond the game, participants can apply these newfound skills in real-world situations.